“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”

Oscar Wilde


Summit to Sand LLC is a full-service exclusive adventure travel consulting firm on a mission to deliver exceptional customized services that cater to your specific travel style.

Living the adventure of your dreams starts with a personal touch, involves adaptive planning, and curating unforgettable experiences that leave you with lifelong memories.


Whether you are looking for a unique solo getaway, adventurous trip with a group of friends, health & wellness retreat, exotic honeymoon, educational and fun family reunion or a bucket list experience of a lifetime, we are ready to help you live your adventure.

As your Personal Adventure Concierge, I am passionate about delivering the best services and value to the individuals who seek hassle-free unique experiences of a lifetime.


Summit to Sand provides a personal touch while creating and arranging your travel schedules, flights, itineraries, adventures, and accommodations. Just as you might use a wedding planner, a financial adviser, or legal consultant, entrusting some of your most valuable assets —your free time and life memories — to an experienced professional will be rewarding and extremely valuable.


Your time is priceless, and your experiences stay with you for a lifetime. When investing in travel or a lifestyle experience, Summit to Sand will guarantee you the best return on both!

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The Adventure Coordinator

Very nice to meet you! The name is Cindi, your personal adventure coordinator. Serving others and helping them create the best vision of their lives is my obsession.

I set out to challenge the common way of thinking, create massive value and help adventurers across the universe curate colossal dreams. I have a new perspective on life, a vision that ANYONE can “live the adventure” of their dreams. 

Since I was a young girl I have been looking to the skies in wonder. My first solo flight was cross country at the age of 10. This independence, with the help of my own personal flight attendant, set my life into a spiral of adventure and stretching my comfort zone. I’ve flown airplanes, traveled all over the country with my family on road trips always eager to find a new exciting place or adventure that this beautiful country hides behind miles of open road.


Thanks to my father’s work we moved to new and exciting places every few years, leaving a wanderlust ridden child very alive inside of me. From here the adventurer awakened. I left home at the age of 18 and took off across the world heading for anywhere new.

With each new country and venturesome undertaking there is an incredible culture of people to fall in love with who are willing to share the charm of their lives and history. After meeting people from all over the world, I was captivated by the different cultures and historical significance hidden behind the tourist capitals.

Where will the next adventure show itself, what pull from celestial forces will launch a swarm of butterflies in our stomach and send us off on the next daring adventure.


When the next destination beckons your name, it is my duty to find you the best adventure possible and bring value to you and your most valuable resources; most importantly time and experiences.