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Top 3 Destinations for Summit to Sand VIP Adventurers

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Hanalei Bay a VIP favorite

This year Summit to Sand Adventurers have chosen some phenomenal places to spend their free time with their favorite travel partners. From a train adventure through Western Europe, tear jerking engagement at the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, swimming with sharks in Belize, to jaw dropping helicopter tours discovering the glaciers of Alaska, each person has had their trip molded to the taste and travel style they love. Check out these top 3 vacation destinations that have pulled at the wanderlust hearts of more than one group of Summit to Sand travelers.

Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, a multitude of adventures sprinkled with tranquil peaceful moments, as well as incredible culture, food and history, are all available in each of these popular VIP destinations. So, what is it about Hawaii, Mexico and Costa Rica that has created the appeal for travelers like you to get there and get there now!?

The Ho'omaluhia Botanical Gardens on Oahu

The Aloha State has 6 very different islands that you can explore, each one with adventures and cultures to suit your unique taste. One Summit to Sand Adventurer was living it up in Kauai, surfing almost daily and spending every moment possible exploring every part of the island. From kayaking to hidden waterfalls and hiking to unoccupied beaches with sleeping Monk Seals, to exploring fern grottoes and the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific”, with lots of time spent in her favorite place; Hanalei. The grand finale? A helicopter adventure swooping through the heart of the island and admiring the unbelievable Na Pali Coast. Is your heart pumping from this amazing vacation? One adventurous newlywed couple is headed to Oahu soon and I cannot wait to get their stories for you of beautiful culture, beaches and wildlife!

Sunset over Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, the top VIP destination for Summit to Sand adventurers

The most popular vacation destination is the diverse country of Mexico. You may catch yourself thinking, I’ve been to Mexico once why go back? It is much like saying you have seen The United States if you’ve been to California, or New York one time. Summit to Sand Adventurers not only seek the gorgeous Caribbean beaches at the end of the short flight to Cancun, the most popular destination for our VIPs this year has been Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. This beautiful Pacific coast port is known for its enchanting cobblestone streets, nightlife and beaches full of adventurous water sports. A perfect place for the VIP family reunion this summer and at the same time an ideal quick trip for the romantic yet adventurous couple to get away from it all, coming up in less than two weeks!

Speaking of romance, Costa Rica has been hot for romantic honeymoon getaways for multiple couples seeking relaxation, with a mix of “Pura Vida” living. Zip-lining through the jungle canopy, soaking in the hot springs of The Arenal Volcano, snorkeling in the Pacific and a romantic sunset cruise are capped off with a night of dancing with an endless energy that never seems to fade. To the couple that leave tomorrow morning, we all wish you well on your first trip as Husband & Wife. Congratulations!

Manzanillo Beach in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

These three top destinations are incomparable to one another yet similar in that they all have amazing culture that draws people from across the world. Add the allure of heart racing adventures with relaxing beaches, along with shorter flights, and you have what turns out to be a highly attractive opportunity to enjoy your free time with your favorite travel partners.

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