• Cindi Villard


The first part of my existence on earth, I was close to choosing my fate as a professional server. Serving was what I had envisioned as a young dreamer at the age of, never! Years of frustration have led me to searching for something more, more anything. Specifically? Personal growth.

Years of sales seminars, classes, personal development books, hours of growth videos, personal gurus, and tests, you name it. There had to be something else. I had reached a place in life where contribution to others had diminished. A part of my soul was missing.

After immeasurable time brooding, and hopelessly searching, I tossed my fears aside.

This left one question, "What would I do if money was NOT an issue?" The philosophical answer that came to me? "SERVE!" Wait what?!

Serving others and helping them create the best vision of their life is my obsession. How could I create as much value in as many lives as possible, while combining this infatuation with reality? Eureka; by helping others customize their dream travel adventures.

With that as my standard, Summit to Sand is challenging the common way of thinking, creating massive growth and helping adventurers across the universe dream colossal dreams. I have a new perspective on life, a vision that ANYONE can "live the adventure" of their dreams.

"If you don't build your dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs." - Tony Gaskins

Come check out what we've been up to at www.summittosand.com

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