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A Travel Beacon for Your Mental Wellness Journey

When your mental health needs some nourishing, how can travel be a light that guides the connection between your mind, body, and soul?

It’s not just a getaway from your troubles, but a new way of perceiving the world we live in. Traveling to a certain destination doesn't fix our problems, after all, our baggage comes with us.

So, how can a wellness retreat help you navigate your mental health journey while integrating your travel desires?

It is much more than your average vacation; a wellness retreat connects your adventurous wanderlust side with a unique transformation that shines a light into a deeper part of yourself.

Whether traveling with a group of friends, family or solo, finding time for you during your globe-trotting is a must.

Are you ready to infuse your travels with inspiration, experience tranquility, transform and rekindle your passion for life? Join Summit to Sand as we dive into an adventure that is more than getting away from it all, it feeds your soul the experiences you crave, while connecting your dreams with reality.

"Your job is to fill your own cup, so it overflows. Then, you can serve others, joyfully from your saucer." - Lisa Nichols

How would you feel, creating that revitalization and personal growth through positive impact in the countries you visit? Far from the tourist towns, in La Guázuma, Dominican Republic, among the tranquil hills overlooking the gorgeous Samana Bay you will find the retreat of a lifetime, where you can experience exactly that.

This October 13th - the 21st, for 7-days and 6-nights, allow your worries to fade away, as you're transported to a jungle sanctuary where you’ll enjoy three fresh, healthy, chef-prepared meals every day to fuel your physical, mental, and philanthropic adventures while at The Well Fit Human Retreat.

You will experience a multitude of wellness and lifestyle sessions each day, such as meditation and yoga, in addition to some heart-pumping hip hop sweat sessions, among other fitness activities and adventures in paradise.

Two days of your retreat are spent volunteering with local charities, giving back in situations that make a big impact in the Dominican Republic. In addition to your personal efforts a portion of your retreat fee will go to the charities that Well Fit Human works with directly, creating supplies, material, education and a better quality of life for the children and the future of the country.

“WELL: We actively choose Wellness as a constant form of change

and growth to live our best lives possible.

FIT: We strive for Fitness in body, mind and spirit

through exercise, nutrition and meditation.

HUMAN: Through our Humanitarian efforts we promote global welfare. We value the environment and all life forms.

Creating positive impact through personal growth

– Wendy Yates, Founder of Well Fit Human

Learn more about this incredible retreat here.

Colorado adventurers, can't break away for a lengthy getaway? Or simply wish to feel replenished by the benefits of a spectacular wellness experience but… closer to home? This Labor Day weekend join us for the opportunity you’ve been looking for to connect your body, mind, and soul while enjoying the crisp cool serenity of fall time in the Rockies.

At The Breckenridge Yoga Festival in the mountains of Summit County, surround yourself with wanderlust yogis ready to explore mindfulness in the heart of the Rockies. Enjoy a little bit of everything from aerial yoga, slackline yoga, SUP yoga, meditation, sound healing, hiking, mountain biking and so much more. Experience the radiating energy of different yoga & meditation teachers, as well as enchanting musicians such as our local favorite Leon Littlebird.

Summit to Sand Adventurers get an extra 10% off with promo code SandS19, good on any 1 or 2-day pass or independent add-on classes. If you haven't made plans this Labor Day weekend and want to end the summer with a boost, join us for a mindful getaway in Breckenridge, August 31st and September 1st.

Get your tickets today at www.breckenridgeyogafest.com

While you can include a focus on your mind, body, and soul no matter the destination, these retreats shine a light on getting your mindset right, while infusing your desire to travel, be one with nature, experience a different part of the culture, and nurture your most valuable relationships.

So, how does travel soothe your soul? Drop us a comment and leave some inspiration for future adventurers on some of your favorite wellness experiences during your journey.

In love of travel,

Cindi Villard

Founder | Summit to Sand

“Health is a state of body; wellness is a state of being.” - J. Stanford

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