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7 Simple Tips for Less Stress Travel

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Exploring new destinations throughout the world can be a thrilling adventure.

But let's face it, booking travel and the process of getting to and from your final stop can be overwhelming. With thousands of options, the research and decision-making process can be daunting no matter which destination you choose.

Ever have a delayed, late or canceled flight that created stress along your journey? The flights and other headaches of traveling can make or break your entire trip. If you ever make it there.

Here are 7 tips to help you maintain some sanity at the beginning and end of your relaxing getaways!

Book the nonstop! Don’t try to cut budget dollars booking a flight with a layover. Your time is valuable! A layover leaves room for Mother Nature’s wrath or delayed flights to ruin a perfectly peaceful mood.

Leaving less than an hour for a layover no matter the airport is dangerous for your mental sanity. If you must book a layover, set yourself up by allocating time for a delay (google average flight-delay) so you are not running through the terminal with your carry-on biting at your ankles.

Set yourself up for success by getting to the airport early!

The airline’s suggestion of arrival is there for a reason. Be to the airport 3-hours prior to your international flights and 2-hours before your domestic.

Here we are running again because of (insert any excuse as to why you didn’t leave on time)! Did you allocate time for traffic on your drive to the airport or random long security lines? Plan on leaving 30-mins earlier than you intended and maybe pack the day before your trip.

For you morning flyers, I know this is hard, but get your coffee at the airport so you don’t have the “wait did I turn the stove off” moment as your racing to the airport.

Maybe, you are going to be the person who pushes it every time, who is to judge? Tools are available for your stress-free airport experience too!

Keep your shoes on by signing up for TSA Precheck and Clear Me, two ways that make getting through the most stressful part of your journey, the security line, a breeze.

Bonus: Check your travel credit card fine print to see if these annual costs are reimbursed.

If you are travelling internationally, please make sure you look at the passport/visa restrictions prior to your trip.

Although your passport doesn’t expire until after your trip, some countries won't hesitate to deny your entry if your passport expires within 6-months of your return date.

Don't ruin the trip with this one. (Click here to check)

If you do find yourself in a bind with your passport, here are ways to get it within literal hours. Deep breaths!

“Your calm mind is the ultimate weapon

against your challenges.”

– Bryant McGill

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To save time packing use a dedicated packing list, make the process effortless and help make sure you didn't forget anything. You travel A LOT, right?

Make the list, save your mental health.

Using a carry-on will be a valuable tool to your "less stress travels" game plan before, during and after the trip.

· Create an in-flight kit for all the essentials you’ll need while flying to save a trip to the overhead bin mid-flight.

· Compression bags help keep your clothes wrinkle-free, organized and is a smart use of luggage space.

· Putting wet or dirty items in a 5L or 10L drybag for your return home will save you the rancid smell your bag can have after a trip, don’t let this be your last memory of your dream getaway.

· Make yourself at home when you get there! Unpack so you can see everything you have to wear and aren’t fumbling through your luggage your whole trip.

We cannot control, the weather, illness, injury, accidents, unforeseeable events, failed mechanics, flight systems gone haywire and canceled flights no matter how positive our mindset. Having a safety net of travel protection for you and your family gives you back control when things don't go as planned.

How priceless would it be to your mental health for someone in your corner to help knock out travel challenges before they throw a punch?

Eliminate the opportunities for anxiety, experience a vacation the way they were meant to be. Beyond simply booking the details of a trip of a lifetime, a great advisor will be your advocate if anything does happen. Take back your travels and let Summit to Sand fuse your biggest dreams with reality.

What are some travel tips you have learned on your journey? Leave a comment and share your golden nuggets with us!

In love of travel,

Cindi Villard

Founder | Summit to Sand

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