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5 Classic Destinations that will Give You a New Perspective on the 2020 Blues

Have you been singing the winter blues this month?

Allow me to redirect your crooning to a different type of blue, the Pantone color of the year, Classic Blue. This shade of blue is more than a color, it's a feeling of calm, peace, tranquility and power all in one.

You can find this color at twilight, or on the surface of the water on a cloudless day. Classic blue can leave you awestruck with its beauty in many dream destinations all over the world.

In honor of this year's color, Summit to Sand has created a list of 5 bucket-list destinations that will get your heart pumping to a new classic blues beat.

"Dream when you're feeling blue" - Elizabeth Berg

The Dozen Dolomites, Italy

Looking for a peaceful and exhilarating place to capture that deep sapphire blue?

What is better than a "bluebird" powder day with the sun setting behind your dream mountain range, as you enjoy Aperitivo after a day of skiing the Italian Alps?

Could this get any better? Yes, because every single piece of your ski trip has been inclusive down to the lift tickets, making it hassle-free and leaving you to simply enjoy the fresh powder turns, Italian cuisine and culture with your favorite ski partners.

European Golf Voyage

Are you a fan of traveling when the weather is warmer?

Few colors make the color blue pop as well as emerald green grass on a sunny day. Grab your golf buddies and head to play some of Europe's finest courses between May and October.

Imagine, unpacking once as your 5-star hotel follows your world-class golf adventure through the 5 countries of Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. With your own golf concierge, you'll spend less time making decisions and more time golfing.

Domestic Honorable Mention: Looking to keep your game stateside? If it is the classic blue views off the tee box that are calling your name, look no further than Pebble Beach, CA

Greek Isle Cruise

Ready to cross off one of your dream bucket list getaways?

You've sung your praises and we've listened. Those perfect blue rooftops have captured the hearts of many, haven't they? Besides the cobalt blue that you will find adorning the city of Santorini, to see the deep peaceful blue of the Mediterranean Sea, a voyage into the heart of the Greek Isles is a must.

Spend less time worrying and more time experiencing the diverse Greek Culture through a multiple island adventure with extended port times.

South Pacific Island Journey

Let's keep this voyage going by including the alluring islands of the South Pacific in our Blues Cruise.

The islands of Tahiti are known for the gorgeous calm turquoise waters with ridiculously romantic overwater bungalows, however, the true blues we are seeking await us beyond the reef.

One of the best experiences you can have in Tahiti is getting to experience each of the island's almost completely different cultures, customs, cuisine and beauty on an authentic cruise.


On to the biggest bucket-list blue of all. Have you seen it all and been to all of your dream destinations, except one?

Imagine embarking on a cruise ship through classic blue waters to the bottom of the Earth, it's a beautiful crisp day and the only thing missing is the engine noise from your ship. Why is that you ask? That is because you have chosen the world's first hybrid-powered expedition ship.

Not only are you getting to experience unique adventures, once in a lifetime animals and potentially camping on the 7th continent, but you can also rest easy about lowering your footprint in this fragile area during your adventure.

“Each man should frame life so that at some future hour fact and his dreaming meet.” - Victor Hugo

After spending some time visioning future adventures to unique destinations that highlight this year's color of the year, what destination is it that makes your heart skip a beat?

Are you ready for an international all-inclusive hassle-free group ski trip, or a golf trip to world-renown courses with your tried and true golf group while the wives bask in European culture?

Maybe this is the year you are ready to book one of your dream bucket list adventures to Antarctica to catch the once in a lifetime solar eclipse of 2021?

Whatever your desires, Summit to Sand is here to help customize the perfect trip for you and your travel group. Click here to launch your vision of adventure today, and let's stop putting off those dreams for another "one day maybe."

In love of travel,

Cindi Villard

Founder | Summit to Sand

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