We are an international adventure travel agency that provides custom travel packages for solo and group adventurers with full-service travel concierge. We book reservations for hotels, rental cars, flights, cruises, weddings, honey moons and other adventure, foodie, and historical activities in unique destinations all over the planet. Our relationships with the best suppliers in the travel industry have created a constant stream of VIP exclusive deals passing through our hands to yours. We are setting our sights high, shooting for the stars and looking forward to being one of the first in future space travel.


We are committed to providing high-quality, cost-effective group travel management to you and your friends or family. We are dedicated to each person of your group and have a broad range of experts customizing trips for parties of all sizes within the U.S. and internationally. Through every part of your adventure you will have you own personal contact to answer questions or concerns your party has. Let Summit to Sand take the stress, hassle, and time commitment out of planning every little detail of your next group trip.


Your time is valuable. (Period)

We are busier than ever these days and our time preparing, as well as time spent on vacation is extremely valuable. There is not a replay button for a vacation gone wrong, you cannot reroute the weather or fix an entire system melt down. When you book with an agent you can reach out to an actual person with whom you have built a relationship of trust. Use us as an advocate for you when you can’t change the weather or technology, among other vacation mishaps. Hurricane, earthquakes, volcanos, tornados, shootings, bombings, wildfires, strikes, supplier bankruptcy, flight cancellations are a few things no one wants to navigate as a part of their relaxing adventurous vacation. You sit and breathe while we take care of everything.

Dream bigger.

We listen to you and your wishes and curate vacations full of lifelong dreams woven into your reality. With a travel agent on your team, rest assured you have a human who is invested in your happiness and satisfaction.

Discovering gold.

Summit to Sand doesn't just sell a vacation—we discover, research and dig under the surface to understand the dynamics of every destination saving you time and hassle. Planning a trip is stressful. There is so much data available online, in magazines and books, and even on TV. We know the hidden gems of the world, because we've lived it or listened to previous clients rave about the amazing and not so great experiences they’ve had on vacation.

Unlock value.

Most people feel as though they will pay more money when using a travel agent but, Summit to Sand is constantly searching for the best deals to save you money, creating value for you and your friends or family. When using a travel consultant, you unlock group discounts, insider access and VIP extras not available with mass booking engines.

Time is money.

Some people will spend hundreds of hours stressing over perfect deals and itineraries when planning their dream trip, then find out their perfect deal was less than a dream. Let us listen to your utopia, what makes your child inside come alive and let Summit to Sand curate your next adventure to your exact wishes, spending time only dreaming of all the great places your imagination can take you, then kissing that with reality. 

It's time to LIVE the adventure!