Can you envision your next adventure, one of fulfilled dreams in arguably the most beautiful place on earth? Then our Hawaiian Package is a great choice — offering luxurious accommodations and opportunities to explore and discover new sights and sounds. It is easy to see why Hawaii has become synonymous with paradise. Whether solo or with friends and family, the cobalt blue waters, jungle trekking, and sugary beaches are waiting for you to adventure here.

Beach Posada


Whether you’re looking to get away with someone special or to arrange a trip for a group of friends, our Latin America destinations are a great choice. From the turquoise seas to the lush forests abundant with wild life you've never even seen before, to the most amazing civilization history; the Mayan ruins. An amazing vacation full of culture and new experiences that you will carry through life awaits you in Latin America.


The sheer size of Alaska is difficult to grasp until completely immersed in it. There are National Parks the size of entire countries and glaciers bigger than most US States. Polar bears, whales, seal lions, wolves and grizzly bears the size of small cars, Alaska and Canada are an animal loving adventurers dream. From Summit to Sand you will be mesmerized by the beauty of unlimited mountains, lakes and open land that await you. You can cruise the phenomenal Glacier Bay, experience places only accessible by dogs and planes or become one of the very few that have hiked the highest mountain in North America. An 8-day adventure could take you from the Atlantic Ocean to Vancouver experiencing all the wonder Canada has to offer. 


Explore the lungs of the world on the Amazon or hike to the highest point on the continent; Aconcagua. South America was made for the adventuring spirit. Experience wonders from the Andes mountains to the Galapagos Islands. Stand in wonder at the Peru Inca ruins or bask in the Brazilian sunshine. With so many beautiful destinations, this vast array of culture will leave you forever in love.


From the summit that everyone has dreamed of hiking, to unfathomable beaches to the richest culture quite possibly on the whole planet, Africa has something for the first time visitors to the frequent Africa travelers that will bring alive their child like wonder every single time. Come and experience the people, the tropical rain forests, the rippling sand dunes and the most incredible wildlife concentration in the entire world. Our African travel package is unlike anything you could possibly imagine. 


This continent's astonishing wealth of cultural heritage will leave every traveler in awe of the artistic and culinary diversity as well as the epic history unique to each country. Whether you are on a family reunion tracking your roots, cruising the northern fjords and rivers, basking in the Mediterranean sun or taking in the breath taking Alps covering multiple countries, Europe is sure to leave you dazzled with it's beauty and charm available at every cobblestone turn.


If it is adventure, mystique, and tranquility with a touch of spirituality you are looking for, Asia is a place travelers across the globe escape to to experience it all. Whether the most beautiful islands imaginable in Southeast Asia sprinkled with mountains that come alive right out of the sea, or the awe inspiring cherry blossom festival in Japan, to the Great Wall and so much farther beyond, this continent could capture your attention for a life time.   


Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands host a collection of mountains, deserts, reefs, forests, beaches and incredible cities robust with culture. Remote, incredibly beautiful and friendly, the Pacific islands’ white sands and clear waters are almost dreamlike in their perfection. If you dream of over water bungalows this may be the perfect place your next adventure.